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But, today is different and all of the shippers that loved their relationship are going to be very happy.Alyson shared an Instagram video of a clip from Aww! Alyson stoner and Cole Sprouse interview Interview with Dylan and Cole Sprouse back in 2004 and Alyson Stoner makes an appearance in . Also how do u ppl no that cole is dating alyson stoner. i dont know who she dating but i now she anit dating joe jonas$$ . This is freaking adorable and seriously makes us miss the old days. While Cole hasn't responded to Alyson's throwback video, it shows something even more special than his 'like' would show.Lots of fans always thought that she would have some long lasting vendetta against Cole because of the way he broke up with her.Alyson gets really into her loose fighting stance, and Debby has a fierce growl. The best part of the entire thing is that they are learning moves that are crucial for self-defense, should they ever need it. “You looked like a car crash,” Debby compliments Alyson on the force behind her kicks.

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Only one person knows their secret, Phil's new best friend bubbly and popular Keely Teslow.

But with this new life and the misadventures that come with it become the norm, when the time comes will Phil want to return to the future?

In the original show concept Barbara Diffy was going to have a detachable head and a robotic body which is why the character is wearing chokers and turtle necks throughout the first season to cover up where her head was supposed to come off.

The acting isn't great, but I do like Phil's character.

Ricky Ullman is actually a pretty good actor who will be in a lot of moves in the near future.

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