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It was incredible – one of those moments where I had to pinch myself.’ Cumberbatch is not classically handsome: rather, the long, angled planes of his face and his small, far-apart eyes lend him a slightly odd, other-worldly, cerebral appearance.He is an actor who is particularly good at giving the impression of thinking, which has served him well playing roles such as Stephen Hawking, Sherlock and, indeed, Turing.The new baby will be a brother to the couple's first son Christopher Carlton, who was born in June 2015.Benedict and his wife Sophie, who is a theatre director, started dating in 2014 and married on Valentine's Day in's wife, Sophie Hunter, gave birth to the couple's second son in London on March 3.

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The son of actors Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham, he took his father's birth name of Cumberbatch as his professional name.Despite both actors saying they would like to return, there’s an increasing amount of doubt over season five. Steven Moffat, one of the show’s creators and writer, said at a recent screening: “If this is the last time - and I’m not planning on it to be, but it might be - it is possible that we could end it.” He continued: “We couldn’t have it ended it on any previous series because they always ended on walloping, great cliffhangers." Previously, Moffat has hinted season four could be the end of Sherlock but has consistently remained optimistic, saying back in July: “I would be moderately surprised if this was the last time we ever made this show.But it absolutely could be.” Benedict Cumberbatch, meanwhile, has previously gone out of his way to rubbish rumours the show would not be returning.So not quite handsome, yet that curious, transmogrifying power of stardom seems to have conferred handsomeness upon him.He has an army of adoring female fans that style themselves as ‘Cumberbitches’ – a term to which Cumberbatch himself has taken vocal exception in the past.

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