Dating a former army ranger

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Cellar Door, the personal blog of Gabrielle Puglia. You need to understand that the military is a brotherhood.

(I had to work in that plug or else she might take it out on my buddy Vince, since she’s writing his story now. As if turning her struggling ranch around isn’t tough enough, she’s forced to call him for help.

Rangers are capable of conducting squad through regimental-size operations and are resourced to maintain exceptional proficiency, experience and readiness.

The regiment remains an all-volunteer force with an intensive screening and selection process followed by combat-focused training.

That’s another one he owes me.) Today, Donna tasked me with giving dating advice. With his hard eyes and even harder body, Cord is an irritatingly sexy contradiction of hot and cold.

Why in the hell she’s asking me of all people, I’ll never know. How can she possibly hide her embarrassing secret when just looking at Cord is a combustible event?

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