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By george almost minty, about as good as you can find. Silver has flaked and has some tarnish in remaining spots. Click for more info Smith & Wesson , 1st Model, 3rd Third Issue 16-65 Smith & Wesson .22 rimfire, 1st model, 3rd issue, ivory grips, standard markings on barrel. Click for more info Excellent Smith & Wesson Old Army Pistol, early Civil War serial number range, very tight hinge, nice bore, 6" barrel, original rosewood grips, all matchimg, .32 RF Money order or cashier' ... Gun has 95% factory nickle with some blemishes on the left side of the frame and barrel. Click for more info This is an S&W Model 3 Russian Second Model 44 S&W Russian centerfire single action revolver. This was a very popular period modification on many of t ... The bore is excellent, bright and shinny with strong rifling. These little S&W's had a brass frame and this one was silver plated. (First model single shot) .22 caliber, excellent grips, bore is about very good. Here is a well above average little Smith & Wesson 1 1/2 in .32 RF. Click for more info This is a very RARE S&W New Model #3 .450 caliber with target site and 7.5” barrel.Antique Smith and Wesson revolvers represent some of the most highly collectable pieces from one of America’s most historic gun manufacturers. If you don’t see the antique Smith and Wesson revolvers you’re looking for, bookmark our Browse our selection of antique Smith and Wesson revolvers below.Our inventory includes everything from the Civil War era Smith and Wesson .32 Army #2 revolver to 1st and 2nd model Americans to the D. For other categories of collectable firearms, visit our antique handguns, Colt, and Winchester pages.It also gives us an opportunity to share experiences and make new friends.

The data we collect is used in the aggregate to give us demographic information about the entire audience registering their products.Unfortunately, the Smith & Wesson factory records for this period are incomplete and do not give a comprehensive picture of production. Although these revolvers remained basically the same throughout production, many minor variations were introduced. Barrel lengths are usually 6" and the lowest 5 " noted is #173. Note the overlap in serial numbers between this and Type 2. The new die, although the same length as the previous one, has slightly taller letters.The first delivery of #2s was made on June 22, 1861, a shipment of three revolvers with 6 inch barrels to J. An easy way to spot the new die is the absence of the period after "Smith" which was present in the old die, It is interesting to watch the breaking up of the old die.But even its failures–the models and configurations that have come and sometimes quickly gone–have always advanced the technology of handgun design and pointed toward the future both for handgun shooters and competing manufacturers alike. Historians are always leery of rankings and worry about confusing “most popular” with “most important.” My experience is that over the long haul the two concepts merge into “most influential”–that is, those things that have lasting effect on both the makers and the users and also point the way toward important future developments.As a hearty congratulations from Shooting Times to Smith & Wesson on its 150th birthday, here are my picks for the dozen most significant S&W handguns of all time with brief reasons why.

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