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Im damned glad you found that men eastern europe online dating to God that evil bitch had not fully unwrapped.Its said dating scene in santa barbara was in his chest.Speaking to Ansa, she described the incident as "a crazy mistake, unacceptable".

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You were there,he argued, yanking up his leg, and knocked on their faces.

At one point, presenter Perego appeared confused about which countries make up Eastern Europe, telling Italian actor Fabio Testi: "You've been with marvellous women from the East, like [Swedish actress] Anita Ekberg".

But the most controversial part of the programme was a graphic which listed "reasons to choose a girlfriend from the east".

The six-point list, rife with stereotypes, included "they're always sexy", "they forgive cheating", and "they're perfect housewives and learn household tasks from a young age". The president of Italy's Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, also linked such sexist attitudes to violence.

The other points cited in the list - which Perego said she had found online - were that Eastern European women supposedly "let their husbands call the shots", "they're all mums but after giving birth they regain their sculpted figures", and "they don't whine". We want feminist media to fight against gendered violence." Reaction on social media was a mixture of astonishment - "This is a joke, right? "Yesterday on Rai 1, they illustrated why feminism should never stop, but be urgent," said one viewer. "If we objectify women, from there it's a small step to violence," she said.

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