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June also saw the show's second birth of the year, that of Lily Branning, the daughter of Stacey Branning and Ryan Malloy.

Originally introduced as a love interest for Darren Miller (Charlie G.

The character of Harvey Freeman was introduced in April, and the fourth main character from East Enders: E20, Mercy Olubunmi, joined East Enders in May.

Kirkwood's first major casting was Zöe Lucker in the role of Vanessa Gold and later cast her daughter Jodie and husband Harry, as well as Mercy's grandmother Grace, all of whom appeared in June.

He has been revealed as a real ''bloke's bloke'' who lives for the weekend however can sometimes get into trouble for his laddish behaviour.

His older brother, played by Lapinskas shares some traits with his sibling but reports say that unlike Tyler who has a short fuse, Anthony will be calm and collected.

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