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Some years ago, there was a commercial for tampons on Network TV, and the buzz-line was Look for the box with the dots. Kotex's branding of white boxes with bright red flowers on them has, though. Doubtfire lists this as a euphemism for sex in the movie.I still remember with wide-mouthed shock, Sophia telling the other Golden Girls about Blanche "playing hide the salami" with some guy. Also on House, not smutty but vulgar, when Chase and Cameron were having some fling they kept hooking up on one day of the week and saying "See you next Tuesday!

But increasingly, Congress has instead allowed more borrowing by suspending the debt ceiling for long periods of time.Nev introduces Shawnise to the real Larry Drummer in the end.Lee said he's happy to be friends with Trina, but still hopes one day romance will blossom between them.Subscribe to Good Morning Gloucester by Email By Clicking Here Free If you find any of the posts entertaining I really appreciate feedback in the comments section under each post.We update every hour on the hour from early morning til night. Thanks for visiting -Joey As long as supplies last if any GMG folks want a bumper sticker but can't drop down the dock, just send a self addressed and stamped envelope longer then 7 and a half inches and I'll drop one in the mail for you.

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