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"So we know from this type of technology that you can identify all different types of diseases, neuromuscular, and even potentially cancers," said bioengineer Gabriel Sanchez, Ph. At their lab at Stanford, Sanchez and Professor Mark Schnitzer, Ph.

(KGO-TV)Researchers at Stanford have invented a new way to look at muscles in the human body and they're hoping that it could help lead to break throughs in some of the most debilitating diseases that doctors face.

It works by beaming ultrafast pulses infra-red light through a needle like probe.

That light changes color as it reflects off the muscle fiber.

Wise said the family is from Weatherford and doesn't know much about what happened inside the babysitter's home.

Donald Douglass Middlebrooks, 57, of Leesburg, died Sunday, June 25, 2017 in Warner Robins, GA.

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