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The downfalls are clashes in culture, at times feeling alienated, and missing the customs and comforts of my own city. That is because the ideologies of South American men and woman are very different then the dating principles we are used to back at home.

While Brazil has some stunning beauties, with the most amazing booties you’ll ever see, their faces are average at best.After living in South America for over a year, here is my take on being a gringita and the rules of dating in South America. You ask…It is a common phrase used to describe men of Latin America who act like a, ¨Macho man¨ often exhibiting behaviors such as possessiveness, aggressiveness and an overall attitude that they It is a common topic in conversation here and some women have become so accustomed to it, that they accept it as normal.I have dated a few men who were machisimo and if I had not recognized the signs in the beginning it could have ended very badly. Exhibiting stalker behaviors like showing up at your house without your approval or spreading nasty rumors when you decide that you need some space.Setting the personal qualities aside, any expatriate is also a vessel of beliefs, attitudes, customs, and mainly, surprises. After a few occasions, I asked her why she stared at me that way.She smiled and said: “I just think it’s sweet the way you talk to your parents.

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