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I really prefer this method of causing a validation error to the one were you raise an exception to cause the validation error.

I don't like to use exceptions during regular operations. The disadvantage is that it has to use the Textbox to get the Binding expression. I wonder if there is a way to cause a validation error for the property without knowing the actual text Box.

In the first post I looked at how you wire-up UI controls to a model in the absence of a databinding framework.He’s now a staff author at Lynda.com, part of the Linked In family, where his content team produces hundreds of technical training courses for software developers each year.His current UI obsession revolves around the XAML space; Windows 10 Universal Apps, Holo Lens, and WPF APIs. I made my style for textbox But I get xaml parse exception error if I use this style. If there is no control, then please mail me how to create a control to satisfy this. The second problem is that a style is something like a singleton. This means that if you include wpf elements in a style you have to add the x: Shared="False" attribute to the style. Greetings Christian Hi How can I set this tooltip (with stackpanel etc) in style file? I want to know whether there is any control to display text along with images in between(images such as graphs and diagrams).

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